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I came to #Stoicism as a blocked and unhappy writer, looking for motivation and meaning to start creating again. I found that Stoic practice actually requires a daily habit of writing! More than that, Stoic journaling is less a monologic, introspective, and self-indulgent activity and more a dialogic engagement with what has been said and lived for the purposes of cultivation of the self as a rational individual and as a social being. Joy!

I invite you to join me in the "Stoic Writing Scene" group to explore the art and craft of Stoic writing. Our Stoic meditations might forever remain private, but they can be well-written, coherent, clear. Or, we might choose to share them with the Stoic community and beyond or leave them behind as our legacy for those we love.

Let's read and talk about what has already been written, how it has been written, and how our responses can help us cultivate wiser and happier lives in relation to our self and to others. 

I've spent a lifetime teaching the "how-to" of writing (language, grammar); I'd like to spend the rest of my limited time teaching and learning the "why-to" of writing (this is what a Stoic philosophy and practice helps us to clarify). 

The Scene

Join a small and dedicated group for Stoic chat, practice, and writing prompts. This is a closed Facebook group dedicated to Stoic journaling and writing with Stoic habits. 

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