August 2018 | Welcome to The Stoic Writer

I've been revisiting Stoic philosophy and practice with a view to exploring its potential for living a happy writing life; a life of writing with purpose and meaning.

Whether we are writing now or hope to write someday (and we all have stories that must be told!), a Stoic practice should help us do two things:

1. Remove self-imposed obstacles leading us to happy productivity and completed texts, and

2. Welcome a more holistic approach to our role/job/hobby/dream of writing, where writing is one aspect of our overall flourishing existence.

(And, then, we can die happy!)

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September 2018 | My Stoic September Project

So, to recap: the purpose of Stoic September is to tackle my fear of death head-on, so as to get back on track with my creative projects; my writing (as you know, I've been paralyzed by writer's block).

Thus, on the last day of August, I was putting the final touches on my preparation for Stoic September. I was on my way to the supermarket and drove, as always, past a local cemetery. I remembered someone saying that they do a morning run or walk through a cemetery. I decided to stop and walk through the space thinking I, too, could take my physical exercise to or through the cemetery this September.

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September 2018 | Stoic September Update

Here I am, nearing the end of my Stoic September “road-to-transformation” project. And, the transformation? Of course, it has only just begun. What follows is an update. (Plus, an invitation, of sorts.) 

I’ve had some good days! And, I’ve had some bad days… But, I’ve had very few consistently Stoic days. 

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October 2018 | 7 Days a Stoic. And, a Stoic NaNoWriMo?

So, Stoic Week?

It was very difficult! How did you go? I struggled with the first week. Then, I went back and started it all again.

I may probably the least Stoic person we know...

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